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This is the music page of Richard Fuerle. Here, you can listen to music that I composed. I am an amateur composer, so please don't expect too much. CD's of the music and scores can be purchased. If you are interested in performing the music, or have comments, contact the composer.

The music on this page is from the 2 CD set "REBELLION!" (orchestral version), "REBELLION!" (piano version), and the CD "Orchestral Music" (bottom of the page). All rights are reserved and none of this music may be reproduced without the permission of the composer, Richard D. Fuerle.

To Alison

This is a light opera in two acts about the Whiskey Rebellion, which occurred in Western Pennsylvania in 1794. George Washington was President. The new federal government needed money (don't they always?), so a tax was passed on whiskey. The tax fell primarily on farmers, who made whiskey from their grain and used it as a kind of money. The farmers in Western Pennyslvania, near Pittsburgh, rebelled and refused to pay the tax. Washington sent an army to put down the rebellion. One man was killed.

The orchestral version of "REBELLION!" was made entirely by amateurs in a few days on a low budget. Some of the roles were omitted, some of the songs were not in a good range for the singers, and I discovered errors in the score when I later made the piano score. The male roles were sung by Nikolai Starkweather "Who's that Lovely Maiden?" and the female roles by Angela Cheasty "Reverie," both opera students at Buffalo State College at the time. The music was recorded and mixed by Robb Nesbitt.

The piano version of "REBELLION!" was made by Paul Fejko, a professional musician. He did the narratiion and played the piano. The singers, all professionals, were Nina Fine (Alison), Tom Baust (Filchmouth), Cailin Manson (Tinker), Owen Robbins (Washington), Robert Campbell (Jefferson), Brian Kain (Hamilton), Terry Greenland (Kah leh te li), Christopher Lenz (Boswell), and Melissa Kotczynski and Sharon Gary-Dixin (Chorus). The music that follows is from the piano version. Some of the lyrics and music was changed in the piano version and an additional song, "Heritage," was added.





Scene 1: Town

Scene 2: The President's Office

Scene 3: Tom's Farm

Scene 4: Town

Scene 5: Tom's Farm

Scene 1: Town

Scene 2: Tom's Farm

Scene 4: The President's Office

Scene 5: Tom's Farm

Scene 6: Town

Scene 7: Tom's Farm

Scene 8: In front of the curtain



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